Why Attendance Awards Are A Bad Idea (And May Be Harmful, Ineffective, And Illegal)

Introduction You may have gathered from the title that I am not a fan of attendance awards. As attendance figures remain low, schools are using attendance awards as an incentive to improve attendance. However, these awards are unfair, penalise students who have been ill, unfairly …

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How Rigid Uniform Policies Discriminate Against SEND Students

Introduction School uniform causes sensory, physical and organisational challenges for many children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND). Students are increasingly getting sanctioned for breaching school uniform policies with some even being excluded. Making adaptations for individual students isn’t enough. Schools can become more …

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Graphic of a female and male crossing their legs

School Toilet Policies – Why Some Students Can’t Just Go At Breaktimes

Introduction Schools are increasingly restricting students’ access to the toilet. This is difficult for all children but particularly students with SEND who may have difficulties with interoception, time awareness, planning skills and sensory sensitivities. Restrictive toilet policies can cause anxiety, constipation, dehydration and headaches. Students …

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